Charlie Massam’s Guide to a Dog Friendly Garden

A few tips from our Charlie to keep your dog safe in your garden, and your garden safe from your dog!

1) Make sure your fence is tall enough to contain an energetic dog… Most medium size breeds need a 6 foot fence! You could add trellis to your fence panels to give your fencing more height.

Double check for gaps that your pooch could squeeze through or under, and make sure your fence is sturdy enough to resist against a jumping dog!

2) Many dogs love to dig! This can damage your garden and lead to a big mess when they come inside… You can avoid exposed dirt/soil by covering it with bark/aggregates.

You could also redirect unwanted digging by creating a dig pit for your four legged friend, using sleepers and play sand or play bark, for them to safely dig to their hearts content!

3) A nice large lawn gives you plenty of space to play games with your dog, which will help keep them in shape and stop them getting bored!

4) When landscaping, consider your choice of surfaces and opt for dog-friendly materials. Paving is a good option for a dog friendly garden as they can help support your pet’s nails by wearing them down naturally, while gravel and stones may get stuck between your dog’s paws and hurt their feet.

5) Some dogs just can’t resist pulling up plants & flowers, so if you’re a keen gardener you should consider planters, raised beds or fencing to help protect your prized plants!

Don’t forget that some of the most common garden plants can be toxic to pets, so always check if a plant is pet-safe before growing it in your garden!

6) Make sure your garden gate is secure, and remind everyone to keep it closed, as a gate can often be the weak link when it comes to keeping canines contained!

7) It might be hard to remember what warm days feel like right now, but don’t forget that pets can easily overheat, so make sure there’s plenty of shady spots for them to kick back & relax in! If your garden doesn’t have any natural shade, try and create your own.