Gardening Trends for 2021

‘Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.’ – Josephine Nuese

Spring is finally in sight, so it’s time to start dreaming about those garden transformations!

We’ve put together a list of garden trends that research suggests will be big in 2021:


  • Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you binged Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’, you’ll already be well versed on indoor/outdoor living and why it’s so popular – But even if you’re more Halsall than Hollywood Hills, you can still get involved in this trend!

It’s all about ‘creating flow from your inside space to your outdoor space, so one naturally flows into the other’, and making your garden feel like an extension of your home by making it a functional space. Having to spend more time at home this year is a likely prospect, so having an outdoor living space is a great way to make the most of your home, and it can also significantly increase the value of your property.


  • Grey Gardens

Grey is one of the most popular paint colours for inside the home, and it’s popularity is increasing in the garden too. There are many ways to get on board with this trend, such as with grey patio paving or by painting fencing, decking, furniture and planters grey. At Massams we also have plenty of decorative aggregate options in various shades of grey too.


  • Raised Garden Beds

If you’re stuck on space, you should definitely consider using sleepers or planters to create raised garden beds! Not only do they look lovely, but you also care for your plants better, control your soil better and reduce soil compaction.


  • Wild Gardens

Research suggests that the days of ‘pruning, mowing and meticulous garden maintenance’ are gone, and ‘wild’ gardens with wildflowers will be a huge trend in 2021.  Wild gardens are also great for bees, butterflies and hedgehogs.


  • Split Levels

Having a garden set over more than one level can give so much more than a single plane, and will make your garden look larger.  Different levels help to zone areas, for example if you wanted one part of your garden for your plants and another for hosting. A cost effective way to create a change in level is by using sleepers.