How To Keep The Kids Entertained In The Garden

Unfortunately it seems inevitable that we’ll all be spending more time at home than we’d like this year… If you don’t want your kids to be bored in the house all summer here’s some ideas to create the garden of any kid’s dreams!

  • Create a Safe Play Area

Having play apparatus and equipment like swings, slides and trampolines in the garden is perfect to keep the kids entertained… Until there’s a trip or fall! Using play bark to create a an area dedicated to playing can help reduce the impact of falls and keep the kids happy and safe all day long. Our play bark is made from the softer outer layer of trees, is free from methyl bromide, pathogens, pests and weed seeds, and is designed specifically for outdoor play.

  • Set Up a Sand Pit

Sandpits are the next best thing to the beach and provide hours of sociable and imaginative play, allowing kids to dig, build and make shapes all in their very own garden. There are plenty of sandpits to choose from online, or you could even make your own on a budget using sleepers! Our high quality play sand is ideal for use with all children’s play pits… Don’t be afraid to get creative, for example any digger mad kids would love this construction themed sand pit!

If you fancy a DIY project,  sleepers can be used for plenty of imaginative projects, such as building swing sets and dens. Projects to keep you occupied and then the kids occupied… It’s a win-win!

  • Add Some Bike Ramps

A homemade ramp built using wooden pallets makes those bike riding experiences a bit more exciting the kids when they’re confined to the garden. It’s amazing how such an easy-to-build and simplified structure can make bicycling full of adventures and learning – Just use wooden pallets and old tyres!