90L Green Galvanised

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90L Green Galvanised

SKU: Haemmerlin 90L Green Galvanised
Category: Wheelbarrows

The Haemmerlin ADVANCE is one mean wheelbarrow! It has a reinforced 90 Ltr Green epoxy powder coated tray with a “European” pan style design which is thicker than the Original.

This is a stronger wheelbarrow that has been designed to stand even more weight, which results in a major increase in the performance of the wheelbarrow, making it a very tough barrow. It comes with “Heavy Duty” tray supports to be at the same level as the tray.

Equipped with the Integral frame, a strong rigid one piece tubular frame made out of thick steel with a tipping bar for easy unloading. The front tray supports strengthen the chassis of the wheelbarrow.

There are 3 wheel options: pneumatic, puncture free and solid. The Bi-material handle grips give a comfortable feeling and are slip resistant.

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