Clover Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost

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Clover Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost


Choose sustainability with Clover Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost. Ideal for all your gardening needs, this eco-friendly compost promotes healthy plant growth without the use of peat.

Category: Topsoil & Compost
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A high quality 100% Peat Free Multi-purpose compost made using Organic waste, Perlite, Fine bark & Plant based Digestate material. It contains all Key Nutrients essential for plant growth in slow release form. This material conforms to PAS100 Standard as certified by the UK Composting Association. This product is screened & heated to pasteurize.

Can be used as a soil improver in heavy soils, to improve water retention and Micro-biological activity, improve crop yields and root development, without addition of inorganic fertiliser & chemicals

Available in: 40L

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