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Fat Balls

Category: Bird Food

Tub contains: 25 x 90g Fat Balls

The Fat Balls are a high energy treat, suitable for all species of wild bird for feeding all year round.

The high fat content makes them a great source of extra energy, especially during times when natural resources are sparse. Packed with seed and minerals, they complement the Bamfords Topflight Mixtures, providing variety and also a high level of nutrition.

Ingrediants: Oils & Fats, Wheat, Sunflower, Natural Minerals, Cornflour, Maize, Sorghum.

How to use: Hang from a convenient spot, in a specially designed fat ball feeder or simply place on a bird table. Particularly during Winter, Spring and Summer, when natural food supply is at its lowest. Ensure fresh, clean water is always available.

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