Fuga Pave Hybrid Cement – Part A

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Fuga Pave Hybrid Cement – Part A

Category: Jointing Mortars, Sand & Cement

Fuga Pave Hybrid Cement – Part A

⚫ Easy to mix – simply mix with water and sand, six parts sand to one part hybrid cement. The hybrid cement has everything in it to achieve a solid mortar bed and bond. Use clean grit/sharp sand for your mortar base. Can also be used with building sand for brick and block work

⚫ Good coverage – each 12.5kg bag ought to cover 2m2 at the minimum 25mm depth

⚫ External use – suitable for most external and hardscape projects, products including porcelain, natural stone and cementitious products

⚫ Economic – the overall installation cost is about the same as traditional sand+cement+additives systems that don’t have the same qualities, so delivering greater performance for similar cost

⚫ Easy to apply – it trowels very well with a smooth, creamy feel, easing the installation of the flags

⚫ No sagging or slumping – holds the flag well

⚫ Doesn’t ooze – so no issues of the mortar migrating onto the surface of the flag, making grout application so much easier

⚫ Good extended pot life

⚫ Permeable – particularly important for installations of stone and cementitious products, allowing quicker curing and less chance of moisture migration

⚫ Strong bond – between flags and mortar, also mortar and sub base

Part of the Fuga-pave ABC complete installation system

Part A – Hybrid Cement

Part B – Slurry Primer

Part C – Flex CH Grout

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