High Solid Sealer

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High Solid Sealer

Category: Sealants & Cleaner

A high resin content acrylic sealer used for new pattern imprinted concrete projects, and where a higher sheen is preferred on reseal projects, applied by roller, brush or viton sealed hand pump sprayer units at an average coverage of 2-3 square metres per litre.

25LT Drum

Special properties

Hardens & seals concrete permanently

Special blend of polymers do not soften in hot temperatures nor become brittle in freezing conditions

High viscosity ensures full penetration into the dense surface matrix creating a true in-surface seal (ISS)

Non-re-emulsifiable, non-blooming when wet

100% inter-coat adhesion

Curing Agent – allows slab moisture emigration prior to reaching full hardness


Anti-carbonising agent

Mechanical bond with surface matrix prevents delamination

Tough, Durable and Hard Wearing

Designed for use with PICSPAVE to bring out and enhance the full depth of colour of the CSH (Colour Surface hardener) and RA (Release Agent).

Slip Resistant

Petrol, Diesel, Oil & Grease resistant

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