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Joint It Fine

Category: Jointing Mortars, Sand & Cement

Joint-It Fine is a weed resistant paving jointing sand, which has been developed specifically for use with block/brick paving, most commonly used on driveways or more heavily trafficked areas. Where other sands and grouts can crack allowing weeds to flourish, Joint-It Fine is naturally formulated to increase pH levels in the joints to repel weed and windborne weed seed growth in the joints. For joints under 3mm wide.

20kg bag


⚫ Ready-to-use

⚫ Quick, sweep-in application

⚫ Weed Resistant

⚫ Frost Resistant

⚫ Non-polymer 100% Natural Raw Materials

⚫ Non-Hazardous

⚫ Non-Staining

⚫ Water Permeable

⚫ Certified Environmentally Friendly

Application Instructions

Sweep sand into clean and dry joints.

Compact sand into joints using a vibrator / whacker plate.

Use a leaf blower to remove excess sand from the top of the surface.

Wet paving with a light, fine spray and wait 5-10 minutes. Then thoroughly soak the paving.

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