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Moss Clean

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Moss clean is the most effective way to kill moss and algae and will even remove the most stubborn black lichen spots from paving.  This is a powerful product and caution must be exercised when using near plants or vegetation.  It is harmful to fish and aquatic organisms.  Read directions carefully before use.
Diluted Moss clean can be applied as part of a quarterly maintenance schedule for paving to keep moss, algae and lichen at bay.

can be used neat or diluted.  This will be dependent on the severity of the contamination.  Where a “deep clean” is required, diluted material will produce positive results, but subsequent applications may be required to achieve the desired effect.
Apply in a controlled manner, by watering can or sprayer to the affected area.  Keep product evenly spread using a soft broom or similar.
Scrubbing actions are not normally required.  Leave on for about 15 minutes.  Normally you will see the results in just a few minutes.
Wash off with copious water using a hose pipe or preferably a waterjet.  The diluted product will not harm plants, but care should be taken to ensure the wash-off does not enter a pond or similar.

Coverage will vary considerably depending on the infestation and/or dilution rates. Used neat, 1 litre per 3m2 of affected area should be adequate for all but the most extreme situations. Diluted at 10 parts water – 1 part Mossclean should be sufficent for 30m2.

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