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ProJoint Porcelain Grout

Category: Jointing Mortars

Flexible and high performance porcelain paving grout specially formulated for porcelain paving, ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout has been developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm and is ideal for internal or external use.

The anti-mould growth technology with added silicone, helps limit mould growth and allows ProJoint™ Porcelain™ Grout to repel water from the surface of the grout, whilst allowing vapour to pass through.

Professional strength

Developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm

Suitable for external and internal use

Limits mould growth and repels water

Allows vapour to pass through the surface of the grout

Ready to mix

Two x 10kg bags contained within the lidded mixing tub

A full preparation & application guide can be downloaded HERE

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