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Raj Green

Category: Sandstone Paving

Raj Green has a natural riven texture finish, the edges are cut by hand using a chisel or hammer giving it its natural look, traditional and contemporary impression with natural variation in tones green, grey, brown, occasionally purple blue tones & veining meaning that each piece is absolutely unique.

Natural Stone products are not manufactured but quarried out of the earth, normally in large blocks, they may also have minor deviations that are natural markings within the stone, such as fossilisation or veining.
Natural stone may develop brown markings as its natural iron content oxidises, this temporary phenomenon should disappear after a period of time.

To avoid variation of colour between batches we recommend ordering enough products to complete the entire project. Customers are not required to purchase whole packs, but can instead choose the precise quantity they require in square metres.

  • Suited to both indoor & outdoor living spaces
  • Material: Sandstone
  • Colour: Green, grey, brown, occasionally purple blue
  • Texture: Natural hand cut
  • Thickness: 18mm or 22mm or 25-35mm
  • Size: Project packs or 600x900mm single size

Project packs consist of four sizes

18mm thickness – 20.65m2 per pack

22mm thickness – 15.3m2 per pack

25-35mm thickness – 15.3m2 per pack

600 x 900mm

600 x 600mm

600 x 290mm

290 x 290mm

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