Redpave Self Binding Gravel

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Redpave Self Binding Gravel

Category: Aggregates, Self Binding Gravel
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⚫ Redpave self binding is different to any other gravels, the dust and fines are essential to ensure the product compacts

⚫ Widely used around stately homes, woodland paths, parks, cycle paths, nature trails, golf courses and car parks so you have more than likely walked on the product without realizing

It is important to follow the laying guideline when constructing your project.

All self binding products should be laid on a solid sub base such as crusher run mot type 1, the depth of sub base will be dependent on the ground conditions, and a ground cover which should be underneath the sub base.

Self Binding Gravel should be laid to a compacted depth of approximately 50mm and must have the necessary cross-fall to ensure water disperses quickly.

Also ensure there are no depressions which will form puddles. For the final stage a vibrating roller should be used repeatedly over wet product to ensure maximum compaction. The product will harden and improve with time. For calculating volumes we estimate that 1 bulk bag will cover 10m2 at a depth of 50mm.

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