Real Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir

5ft to 10ft available 

Fraser Fir trees are not widely grown as they thrive on specific locations, but our growers have perfected how to get the best growth and shape –

  • Fraser Fir trees have an amazing balsam scent which fills the room with a Christmas aroma for the entire festive period.
  • The excellent needle retention means there’ll be less time vacuuming and more time for festive fun!

Longevity – Fraser Fir trees have excellent needle retention and should last around 5 weeks if taken care of.

Top Tip – The Fraser Fir is perfect for smaller spaces as it has a slimmer, conical shape.

Available as a cut tree

Nordman Fir

3ft to 12ft available 

Nordman Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe and it’s easy to see why –

  • Nordman Fir trees have soft foliage and a symmetrical shape, as well as strong branches, making them a joy to decorate and perfect for all types of decorations.
  • The big needles are not sharp, and will stay attached throughout the festive season, making them perfect for families with children.

Longevity – The Nordman Fir needles stay attached and the tree should last around 5 weeks if taken care of.

Top Tip – The Nordman fir can be a rather wide tree, so a reasonably large space is needed if you want to show it off. For a 6ft tall tree, allow approximately 5ft space.

Available as both a cut or container grown tree

Norway Spruce

5ft to 15ft available  

Long considered the quintessential British Christmas tree, the Norway Spruce has a traditional, attractive shape –

  • Norway Spruce trees have an abundance of branches, making it perfect for hanging lots of Christmas decorations.

 Longevity – Norway Spruce needles tend to drop early, but a spruce should last for 3 weeks with daily watering and care.

Top Tip – It’s best to buy your Norway Spruce tree nearer to Christmas, as can lose their needles quite quickly once brought indoors. To help your Norway Spruce retain its needles for longer, water it every day and keep it away from the radiator.

Available as both a cut or container grown tree

Lodgepole Pine

5ft to 7ft available

One of the most popular Christmas trees in the UK, the Lodgepole Pine has a distinctive candle like shape –

  • The bushy appearance and luscious long green needles of the Lodgepole Pine make it a very popular choice.
  • The soft, big needles make the the Lodgepole Pine a great choice for families with young children.

Longevity – Lodgepole Pine trees have excellent needle retention and are perfect for those who like to decorate their tree a little earlier and should last around 5 weeks.

Top Tip – The Lodgepole pine looks best in a big space with high ceilings.

Available as a cut tree