KDM Rectangle Diamond Lattice

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KDM Rectangle Diamond Lattice

Category: Fencing & Posts

Trellis fencing is versatile in that it can be used a standalone fence, wall mounted or added to the top of any of our square panels or to an existing fence. It is also ideal for use with climbing plants. Our heavy duty trellis fence panels are manufactured with smooth planed timber batons made from quality, durable Scandinavian softwood to ensure longevity.

An important feature when purchasing from our range of fence panels is that they are duel faced, therefore can be appreciated from both sides, enabling the cost to be shared between neighbours.

Our trellis panels are supplied pressure treated with a light green preservative to protect the timber from insect infestation, decay and rot. The light green colour matches our fence posts and gravel boards and will fade as the timber is exposed to weather conditions.

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