Low Solid Sealer

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Low Solid Sealer

Category: Sealants & Cleaner

A low resin content acrylic sealer used for resealing existing sealed pattern imprinted concrete or where a low sheen is preferred. Applied by roller, brush or viton sealed hand pump sprayer units at an average coverage of 2-3 square metres per litre.

Special properties

⚫ Hardens & seals concrete permanently

⚫ Special blend of polymers do not soften in hot temperatures nor become brittle in freezing conditions

⚫ High viscosity ensures full penetration into the dense surface matrix creating a true in-surface seal (ISS)

⚫ Non-re-emulsifiable, non-blooming when wet

⚫ 100% inter-coat adhesion

⚫ Curing Agent – allows slab moisture emigration prior to reaching full hardness

⚫ Non-yellowing

⚫ Anti-carbonising agent

⚫ Mechanical bond with surface matrix prevents delamination

⚫ Tough, Durable and Hard Wearing

⚫ Slip Resistant

⚫ Petrol, Diesel, Oil & Grease resistant

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