How To… Lay Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates, i.e. decorative slate chippings, gravel cobbles & pebbles, can instantly transform your outdoor space. They are versatile, great for drainage and easy to lay, meaning maximum impact with minimum effort.

Aggregates are perfect for many uses, such as for driveways, patio areas, pathways, borders, water features and rockeries. We have a huge range of aggregate options, so whether you want to make a statement or keep it neutral, we can help you create a beautiful & practical outdoor space.

Here’s a guide on how to lay the aggregates yourself:

Step 1 – Thoroughly clear the area where you will be laying the product. Remove all vegetation and loose material around the area, and use weedkiller on any deep-rooted weeds to ensure the area remains weed free.

Step 2 – Level the area out using a steel rake, which will bring up small items like twigs, rocks & leaves. Keep raking & removing such items until you are left with a flat, smooth & levelled area. 

Step 3 – Lay ground cover over the area to help reduce weeds while still maintaining healthy soil underneath. Lay the ground cover to a depth suitable for the type of decorative stone you are using – for a garden this is generally 40mm for the smaller 10mm aggregates, 50mm for medium aggregates from around 20mm in size and large cobbles and rocks will usually require around 100mm of depth.

Step 4 – For the best coverage, lay your decorative stones to a depth of around 40-50mm, and then create a flat even finish using a rake or similar. Consider creating a barrier around the edge of the area using larger stones, timber or stone edging to reduce movement.